Religious Tourism

Panchadarla village is situated at a distance of about 10 kilometres North East of Yelamanchili and 24 Kilometres. From Anakapalli, it derived its name from the five Jets of water coming out of five fountains which receive their supplies from a natural perennial spring. Near by there is lingam on which are carved other lingams in 12 rows of 85 each and which is consequently known as the Kotilingam or Crore of lingams. There are several inscriptions on the pillars of the Mandapam in the temple and two of them dated in AD 1407 and 1428 contain a genealogy of chiefs who claimed Eastern Chalukya ancestry and bore the Eastern Chalukya titles of Sarvalokasraya and Vishnu Vardana. 


Kotilingeswara Temple

Baligattam, About 3 kilometres South West of Narsipatnam lies on the Bank of Varaha River. This place owes its importance to the Brahma Lingeswara Temple at the foot of a small hill on the Western bank of the river. Here the shrine faces the West. It is interesting to note that this temple is supposed to have been built by Lord Brahmaand that the river is declared to have been made by Lord Vishnu during his incarnation as a boar (Varaha). Therefore, the river is known as Varahanadi. The deposits of white clay on the river bank are supposed to be the ashes of a sacrifice performed hereby Bali, the demon king from whom the village takes its name as Baligattam. The river at this place flows from North to South for a short distance. On account of these peculiarities, the place is considered to be very sacred. The Shivaratri festival celebrated here every year attracts a large number of devotees.