One District One Product (ODOP) is an initiative by the Government of India with the goal of selecting, branding and promoting at least one product from each district in the country to facilitate comprehensive socioeconomic growth across all regions. The scheme adopts the ODOP approach to leverage the advantages of scale in terms of input procurement, access to common services, and product marketing.

Under this initiative, Anakapalli District has Etikoppaka Lacquer ware Toys selected as its ODOP product made in village of Etikoppaka, Kailsapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, these wooden toys are well known for their lacquered, vegetable colors. Artisans from this villages make toys with the concepts of beautiful traditional marriage themes, livelihood of villages, utility oriented bowls, boxes, children gaming, home decors, many more exclusive handicrafts.

Etikoppaka Toys are also Geographically Indicated (GI) tagged products, highlighting their unique origin and quality.

Details of District Nodal Officers

Name of the Department



Contact Details

Department of Handlooms & Textiles

Assistant Director

District Nodal Officer

Contact No.:8008705688


Details of State Nodal Officers

Name of the Department



Contact Details

Department of Handlooms & Textiles

Commissioner of Handlooms & Textiles

State Nodal Officer

Department of Industries

Joint Director

O/o Commissionerate of Industries

State Nodal Officer,

Department of Fisheries

Deputy Director

O/o Commissionerate of Fisheries

State Nodal Officer,

Department of Horticulture

Deputy Director

O/o Commissionerate of Horticulture

State Nodal Officer;

Department of Agriculture

Deputy Director of Agri (Crops),

O/o Commissionerate of Agriculture

State Nodal Officer

AP Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society (APCO)


State Nodal Officer


AP Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd.

Executive Director

O/o VC & MD

State Nodal Officer

AP Food Processing Society

State Lead, PMFME


State Nodal Officer

Girijan Cooperative Corporation


State Nodal Officer




Place of Exhibition


No. of Days

No. of Artisans

To be Organized by


Thematic Exhibition at Visakhapatnam showroom premises

01-07-2024 to 05-07-2024





Action Plan

  • To develop new designs/ Value added products with natural dyes.

  • Motivation, Support artisans to develop award winning products for recognition, awards.

  • To conduct training programs to increase number of practicing artisans in this craft.

  • To promote Etikoppaka toys in national, international level through social media, e-commerce flat forms for better market.

  • To involve artisans in more domestic/ national/ International level exhibitions for better business contacts & exposure.

  • To provide better financial assistance.

List of Activities Being Undertaken by District Administration under ODOP Initiative:

As Prime Minister of India have initiated for the promotion of indian handicrafts to diminish china product and to uplift our heritage crafts, local artisans. District is working on development, promotion, marketing for local handicraft as per the current trend.

  • Promoted Etikoppaka toys in all social Medias with Gi, ODOP tagging.

  • Better publicity done for the craft in local media, News papers, you tube channels.

  • In the financial yr. 2023-24, The state has involved etikoppaka toys, artisans in prestigious Global summits, expo’s in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and other states like G20, Bharat Tex at Delhi; G20, GIS at Vizag, international exhibitions etc.,

  • Govt. AP have conducted many valuable exhibitions and involved local craft, artisans for better promotion, market.

  • Total 33 No. of exhibitions (28 domestic, 05 international) conducted/ involved this craft, artisans by the district for the promotion of this local craft.

  • Various training programs, Design development programs, workshops for the awareness on e-commerce, gi tag usage etc., have been conducted for the artisans in the cluster.

  • Total 150 artisans benefitted with the Financial Assistance (DC Handicrafts) for supply of tools, safety equipments, looms, furnace etc. to improve the productivity of the craftsmen and their by income.

  • Total 147 artisans benefitted from the tool kit distribution program (DC Handicrafts) to improve the productivity of the craftsmen and their by income.

  • Artisans benefitted with DRDA Schemes, Loans.

  • Lepakshi handicrafts emporiums across the india (APHDC Ltd.,) have taken initiations of developing QR codes to display with this carft and packing for better, easy promotion of craft.

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Anakapalli (Payakaraopeta) District

Natural Palm leaves are generally purposed for roofing houses to protect from sun and rain in villages. But, this raw material is also utilized to make baskets for packaging fruits, jaggery and other forest products. The tender palm leaves are beautifully and artistically crafted into small baskets, container boxes, hats and fans.

The local tribal communities are quick learners and grasped the techniques of weaving baskets in to different shapes and designs. The local nodal agencies provided facilities for upgrading the skills of artisans to create new designs, dyeing the leaves and use of appropriate tools to increase productivity.

The craft provided an opportunity for the local tribal women of Anakapalli to exhibit their creativity, skills and also supplemented their household income.


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Anakapalli (Etikoppaka & Kailasapatnam) District

The wide range of colourful toys displayed in the village fairs and festivals attract all age groups from different communities. Etikoppaka, Kailasa Patnam in Anakapalli district is a major production centre.

The wood (Ankudu Karra) is rotated either with hand or a power operated lathe. Specially prepared coloured lac sticks are pressed against objects to pass on their colour to the objects due to heat caused by friction. As a final step, a Kevda leaf is pressed to get fine finishing and shine.

At present, products are wide-ranging with an agenda to create more of utility-oriented objects. Furthermore, vegetable dyes are now used for wider acceptance in domestic and external markets. The artisans are resourceful with entrepreneurial skills and are continuously exposed to the latest technological developments.


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