Agriculture is the main stray of nearly 70% of the households.Though Anakapalli city is industrially developing, the rural areas continued to be backward. Rice is a staple food of the people and Paddy is therefore the principal food crop of the district followed by Ragi, Bajra and Jowar and Cash Crops such as Sugarcane,Groundnut, Sesamum, Niger and Chillies are important. Since there is no Major Irrigation system, only about 36% of the cropped area is irrigated under the Ayacut of the Medium Irrigation system and Minor Irrigation Tanks. The rest of the cultivated area is covered under dry crops depending upon the vagaries of the monsoon. The productivity of the crops are low.


Animal Husbandry is an important allied economic activity to Agriculture. Next to draught Animals which are main source of energy for Agriculture, Milch Animals, Sheep and Goat are important for income generation of the rural households. A sizable number of households earn subsidiary income by selling milk to Visakha Dairy and in Local markets. The total livestock of the district is 14.48 lakhs of which working animals account for 2.01 lakhs while milk Animals account for 3.28 lakhs. Goats and Sheep’s totaling up to 5.76 lakhs are important for the livelihood of the considerable population as per 2012 census.